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SLSC “little cosmos” Program



The SLSC “Little Cosmos” Program is designed for 3 and 4 year old players interested in having a good time and being introduced to the best game on the planet.  The sessions will focus on foot-eye coordination, balance, and having fun.  The sessions will be 45 minutes long each week and the program will run for 6 weeks.  There is will also be 2 Saturday “game day” sessions during the season.  This will allow the players to play in a game setting twice during the season to assist with the transition to full blown soccer in the future!


 The program will be available to players with a birthdate in the range below:


Feb 1, 2011-January 31st 2012


Fall Season “Little cosmos” Program- Begins in March and will be held on Friday night. Sessions will be held from 545p-630p.


 The “Little Cosmos” Registration Fee- $55 (This includes an official “little cosmos” T-shirt!)


Registration Information


  1. Online when you register your child
  2. At any “In-Person” registration
  3. Prior to the first “Little Cosmos” session at 5:30pm




  All Sessions will be held at the SLSC Game Complex 

Register here

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++NEW Program!++


What is it?

“Street Soccer” is backyard soccer where the players manage the game.  There are no coaches or referees.  Players decide on teams, formations, positions, etc.  They must also call their own fouls and work together. 

What is the Cost?

Players will pay $5 cash to participate at the field.  This will allow players to attend without making a full commitment.  Show up on the nights you can play and miss the others. 

When? Where?

“Street Soccer” will be held on Friday nights from 730-830pm at the SLSC Game Complex. 

Players should bring all necessary equipment including a light/dark shirt.  Shin-guards are required!


All SLSC players are welcome to attend. 


Too often soccer has way too much structure.  Ask any good player at a high level what was vital in their development.   Pick-up games of some kind in the backyard or park are always mentioned.  We want the SLSC Game Complex to serve as the “Backyard” for our players. 

Please come out and support the program and enjoy the game!

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The SLSC “Extra Time” Program is designed for all Competitive and Academy players.  This Program is offered by the South Lakes Soccer Club to supplement the training received in the Competitive and Academy programs.  Each program is tailored to the specific topic and the focus remains consistent throughout the program.  Players will have 3 choices when it comes to training.  These options are outlined below and players are welcome to participate in more than one session.  Each program has its own unique benefits and will allow for maximum learning each session.

Speed & Agility (530-630p-$50)

SLSC is dedicated to meeting all of its athlete’s needs.  The “Speed & Agility” program is designed for all players interested in improving their overall athleticism.  The sessions will focus on foot speed, (including transitions into cuts and changes of direction) foot coordination, acceleration, deceleration, core strength, and flexibility.

Ball Mastery (530-630p-$50)

In a team setting tactical and positional training must occur.  Individual time spent with the ball tends to be less as players get older.  Often players are looking for additional training or individual training to help in areas like speed, fast footwork, juggling, moves to beat opponents, and overall ball mastery.  This program addresses the need for such technical training.  While individual training will always be offered, the “Ball Mastery” program will offer a more affordable option.  These hour long sessions will challenge players to take their technical skills to the next level. 

Shooting & Striking (630-730p-$50)

This very successful program will focus on proper technique in striking the soccer ball.  Players often struggle with the ability to strike the ball correctly and with power.  This program will address those needs.  These sessions will be instructional and will allow players to grow in their individual confidence.  There isn’t anything better than striking a ball at goal!

 There will be 8 sessions on Friday nights this season.  Exact Dates will be coming soon!

Register here   

·        All sessions will be held at the SLSC Game Complex.  All participants in the SLSC Extra Time program will receive an official T-shirt.

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Coaching Staff:

SLSC Academy 2006 Boys Blue- Ronnie Gulikers

SLSC Academy 2006 Boys White-Jared Homer   

SLSC Academy 2007 Boys Blue- Steve Hill

SLSC Academy 2007 Boys White-Jared Homer

SLSC Academy 2008 Boys Blue- Steve Hill

SLSC Academy 2008 Boys White-Chris Meier w/Asst. Jarrad Garner


SLSC Academy 2006 Girls Blue- Shana Gulikers

SLSC Academy 2006 Girls White-Kim Rundell

SLSC Academy 2007 Girls Blue- Brandon Lawless

SLSC Academy 2007 Girls White-Brent Gatewood

SLSC Academy 2008 Girls Blue- Brandon Lawless

SLSC Academy 2008 Girls White- Dennis Porter

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05 Blue-Andrew Rundell

05 White-James Press

04 Blue-Eddie Wright

04 White-Eddie Wright w/Asst. Dave Munson

03 Blue-George Schroeder

03 White-Dan Chapman

02 Blue-Antonio Barros

02 White-Mickey Claxton

01 Blue-Andrew Rundell

01 White-George Smith

01 Navy-George Smith

00 Blue-Waco Blakely

00 White-Waco Blakely

99 Blue-George Schroeder

98 Blue-Dan Chapman

98 White-Waco Blakely



05 Blue-Keith Hagen

05 White-Chris Meier

04 Blue-Andrew Rundell

04 White-Brent Gatewood

03 Blue-Ronnie Gulikers

03 White-Keith Hagen

02 Blue-Brandon Lawless

02 White-Shana All

02 Navy-Dennis Porter

01 Blue-Brent Gatewood

01 White-Julie Duncan

01 Navy-Dennis Porter

00 Blue-George Schroeder

00 White-Mickey Claxton

99 Blue-Julie Duncan

98 Blue-Justin McCain

98 White-Justin McCain


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2015-2016 Competitive Program

Open sessions will be May 26-29.  Actual tryouts will be May 30 & 31st.  All sessions will be at the South Lakes Soccer Game Complex.  Times will be released at a later date. 

We are asking that all players who wish to attend any open session or tryout register.  There is no fee to register and no commitment.  This is simply to give us your contact information if you make a team.  Please register using this link:  Competitive Sessions

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SLSC “Head Start” Program

 The SLSC Head Start Program is designed for all recreational players at any level.  The Program is offered by the South Lakes Soccer Club to increase the technical skills of its participants while keeping things challenging and fun.  These hour long sessions will challenge players to take their technical skills to the next level.  Players will be sorted by age and ability.  They will primarily be in these groups for the duration of the program.  Specifically, they will work with the players on ball mastery, fast footwork, juggling, dribbling, dribbling to beat an opponent, dribbling for speed, passing, shooting, receiving, etc. 

 This program will allow players to continue to play on their recreational team of choice while getting additional training that will help them take their game to the next level.  This program will also offer coaches a great opportunity to have a professional staff work with their players and can be used as a practice for the entire team.  Coaches are encouraged to attend, take notes, ask questions, and take ideas back to their teams on a regular basis. 

 Fall Head Start Program- March 13th through May (8 sessions)

 Sessions will be held on Friday nights from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm at the SLSC complex.





Head Start Registration Fee- $70 (This includes a T-shirt!)

Registration: https://www.gotsport.com/asp/application/reg/Default.asp?ProgramID=32386

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The 2015 Spring In-House Recreational has been delayed until 3/21.  This change only impacts our In-House teams and players.  All Travel Recreational, Recreational Select, OCL, OPL, and PLW Leagues will play as scheduled 3/7-8.
Thank you.
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SLSC Policy for Ages u5 – U12 In-House Recreational League


This reschedule policy only applies to SLSC In-House recreational teams.  All other leagues (Travel Recreation, Oklahoma Competitive League, and Oklahoma Premier League) must follow the OSA reschedule policy for their respective league.


SLSC will attempt to accommodate all No Play and any special scheduling requests, but cannot guarantee every request will be accommodated due to possible scheduling constraints/challenges.


Each coach must login to their GotSoccer coach account prior to the start of the season and update contact information to include a valid phone number and valid email address.


Prior to season start and up to 48 hours after the pre-season coaches meeting, coaches can submit up to two (2) No Play dates (each request is one day) and any special scheduling requests to scheduler@southlakessoccer.org .  The following information must be included with the request:


Coach Name

Team Name/Division





Coaches – check your schedule frequently, especially early in the season.


All coach contact information will be located in the GotSoccer Schedule (Top right hand corner).


Reschedule requests must be received by email at scheduler@southlakessoccer.org  by Saturday, the week prior to your scheduled match to be considered for reschedule without additional fees applying.  If you cancel/request a reschedule after this time or NO SHOW to a game, the team cancelling or no show will have to pay the referees in order to reschedule.  The game will not be rescheduled until payment is received by SLSC. 


Fees range from $15 to $85 depending on division.


Game availability:

Saturday - 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Sunday - 12:00 Noon to 5:00 PM

Monday or Wednesday – 5:30 PM (available September, October, March, April, May) 


·         Contact the opposing coach to let them know you will need to reschedule your game and discuss potential reschedule dates.  If you do not hear back from the other coach, please email scheduler@southlakessoccer.org for assistance.


·         Email scheduler@southlakessoccer.org and (CC the opposing coach on all correspondence) to remove the game from the schedule and provide two new dates (preferred and secondary) and your preference for morning or afternoon. Both coaches must agree on the potential dates.  Please include the name of teams, game number, and original game date/time.


·         Once a valid request is received SLSC will make every effort to accommodate the date/time range. Once a game has been rescheduled an email will be sent to both coaches notifying them of the change.


·         Games left pending due to reschedule request but no follow through by coaches will be recorded as a 0-0 score.


·         Games in which a team does not show and no attempt has been made to contact the opposing coach or an email has not been sent to scheduler@southlakessoccer.org will be recorded as a forfeit 3-0.



Thank you,



South Lakes Soccer Club

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Fall Soccer registration is currently open.    Online registration will close on July 28!!!  The first season games will be TBA.  Please bring a birth certificate if registering a new player to South Lakes.


In person registration will be as follows

Moore Community Center

1/10/2015  from 2-4pm

1/17/2015 from 2-4pm

Academy Sports & Outdoors I-240 & Walker


2/8/2015 from 1-4PM  No registrations will be accepted after this date!!

Coaches meeting will be held at the South Lakes Park Event Center.  Date and time will be announced soon. 

Cost of registration is as follows:

U6 & under is $65.00

U7 - U10 is $75.00

U11 & up is $85.00

Academy registration is available at $75.00 for the Spring season and you can register here