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What is Competitive Soccer?

2024-2025 Cosmos Competitive Soccer Information

Welcome to South Lakes Soccer Club and Cosmos Competitive Soccer! 

South Lakes Soccer Club's "Cosmos" is a Competitive Soccer program for players ages 10 through 19.  Oklahoma Cosmos Soccer is the highest level of soccer offered at SLSC.  Tryouts for competitive soccer are held each summer and the program is a "Year Long" program.  

The coaching staff will be available to provide you with information regarding estimated expenses such as: registration, training, tournament, uniform fees, etc. and time commitments such as: practice, games, tournaments, etc.  Coaches will also be able to explain and answer any questions you have regarding our program.

We would also like to give you the complete breakdown for the costs involved with playing competitive soccer with South Lakes Soccer Club.



Each player will be responsible for registering for competitive soccer.  The registration fee is charged per player per year, not per season, and is $240 for the entire year.  The registration can be paid in full, two payments, or in three payments.  

*All Registration fees are non-refundable*

South Lakes Soccer Club uses these fees to pay for membership with US Club, insurance, complex maintenance, referees, background checks, etc. Registration will be complete when players have submitted all registration fees, and a US Club registration form. (Completed and signed in paper or online)  Your coach or team manager will also need a recent picture, a copy of your original birth certificate, and a notarized medical release form. 



Registration - $240 (Full Year) (Includes 2 training jerseys)

Uniform fees - Approx. $200 (2 Game Jerseys, 2 pair of game shorts, and 2 pair of game socks) (Additional gear can be purchased: warm up, bag, and 3rd Jersey)

Field/Light Fee - $900 (11v11 Teams) $750 (9v9 Teams) (The Team Fee is divided by total number of players per team and is paid once for the entire year) (Due October 15)

Tournament Fees – Approx. $35 per tournament (Minimum 2)

Competitive Training Fees - $920 (For the year)

You can also choose to make a full or partial payment for the year in one of 3 ways.  (Training fee payments are made on the schedule below and are not necessarily made during months training occurs.  Training is August - May or June for those qualifying for regional or National events.)  

1.  $920 X 1 (August) ($920)

2.  $480 X 2 (August and November) ($960)

3.  $110 X 9 (Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr) ($990)


Training Fee Schedule:  Your first training fee will be due on August 1st.  All training fees will be paid by check to SLSC Competitive or paid online.  You may choose to pay partial or full payment up front.  The fees are due on the 1st of each month and a late fee of $10 will be assessed after the 10th of each month.  Non-payment can result in suspension of the player from participation with the team.  Checks should be mailed to the following address: 

SLSC Competitive
P.O. Box 890482
Oklahoma City, OK 73189


Coach’s Travel Expenses for Tournaments

Below is a breakdown of reimbursable coach’s expenses for out of the Metro area tournaments.  Mileage is calculated at the current IRS rate of 65.5 cents per mile. 

Coach Personal Vehicle Mileage                   $0.67 per mile

Coach Per Diem per day                                $40

Coach Lodging, if applicable                          Varies

Coach Rental Car, if applicable                      Varies

Coach Airfare, if applicable                             Varies


Coach’s Travel Expenses for League Games

League matches outside of the metro area, but still in Oklahoma,  coaches will be given a flat rate for travel reimbursement.  The amount will be per day/per trip and will not apply to local matches within the metro. 

Coach Per Diem per day/trip                                $80

Regional League games outside of Oklahoma will be handled the same as a tournament in regards to coach expenses.