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Competitive Soccer information for 2018-2019

If you have been offered a spot on a competitive team at Cosmos, you can register for the 2018-2019 season below.

Register for Competitive Soccer Here

Boys Competitive Coaching Slate for 2018-2019

9v9 u11 2008 Brent Gatewood Chris Meier
9v9 u12 2007 Antonio Barros Ryan Fuller Eddie Smith
11v11 u13 2006 Antonio Barros Jeff Boateng Justin Geary Jorge Cabada
11v11 u14 2005 Andrew Rundell/Steo Cummins Steo Cummins
11v11 u15 2004 Neil Stockwell Mickey Claxton Jorge Cabada
11v11 u16 2003 Steo Cummins George Smith
11v11 u17 2002 Jeff Boateng Jeff Boateng
11v11 u18 2001 Dennis Porter Carlos Soto Justin Geary
11v11 u19 2000 Andrew Rundell Andrew Rundell

Girls Competitive Coaching Slate for 2018-2019

9v9 u11 2008 Brandon Lawless/Chris Lawless Julie Duncan Dennis Porter
9v9 u12 2007 Brandon Lawless Chris Lawless
11v11 u13 2006 Brandon Lawless Chris Meier
11v11 u14 2005 Shana Gulikers Kim Rundell
11v11 u15 2004 Steo Cummins Neil Stockwell
11v11 u16 2003 Neil Stockwell Neil Stockwell
11v11 u17 2002 Neil Stockwell/Eddie Smith
11v11 u18 2001 Brandon Lawless Shana Gulikers
11v11 U19 2000 Brent Gatewood Mickey Claxton